Ceekin Silken Windhounds are based in Lincolnshire, England UK
We are very fortunate to live with seven of these beautiful and intelligent dogs.
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ceekin.silkens@btinternet.com with your contact details and we will keep you updated with our future plans.

This site is new to us, so please be patient and bear with us as we continue to construct this site and hopefully make it into a fun and informative place to visit, any suggestions as to content would be greatly appreciated.
You are welcome to come and visit us and meet our doggy family at any time, please contact us if you wish to do so on 01205 822851 or email us at ceekin.silkens@btinternet.com


Puppies at Last!!!! 

Ceekin Silken Windhounds are very proud to annouce the arrival of their "Born To Run" Litter! Full details below with more photo's on the current litters page.
After a long and somewhat traumatic night Kalli has provided just two stunning puppies, a boy and a girl. 
Kalli went into labour at 12:30 am last night, and produced her first puppy, a heavty boy (432grm) at 3:20am. He is a light red, and as far as we can see at this stage solid colourShe continued to have contractions, but there was no sign of the next arrival. After some sleep (by her, not us!), she resumed her efforts, but they were clearly not strong enough to deliver, so at 8:30 am we were off at top speed to the vets. Acting on his advice she was given an injection to dialate the cervix to aid birth, but after the recommended 2 hour limit, still there was no puppy. 
Back to the vets for the only option now..... A c-section. This was carried out in the most efficient way possible, indeed thanks to Michelle Marchant's assistance, on a while you wait basis 
The good news is a very healthy, and active, and vociferous girl was born (385grm). Another red. but much darker and with some black, hard to determine at this stage her final colour. Mother and babies are now doing very well indeed, and mostly enjoying a very well deserved rest...... just as we (in relays) are about to do!



Still Waiting !!!!!! 

Day 63!! , we are still waiting but are very hopeful that today will be the day, but who knows, she is still keeping us waiting, the signs are all there, but the suspense is awful. Will keep you all posted of any future developments, thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Not Long Now????? 

Less than a week to go, all is well, Kalli is very happy and healthy, everything is prepared and ready to go, for hopefully the imminent birth of her puppies. Attached is a lovely picture of the very chilled and contented parents to be. We will keep this blog updated with any further progress and news. If you have registered for our email updates, you will receive a personal message from us before any public announcements, look forward to sharing lots of happy times with you all.



Kalli had her ultrasound scan last Thursday (31/3) and we are very pleased to confirm that she is pregnant with at least three puppies that we could see, it is not possible to predict exact numbers. She is very happy and could not be in better condition for her impending motherhood.


Breaking News !!!!!!! 

We are very excited to announce that if all goes well Rojo (Starborough Sweet Child of Mine) and Kalli (Solo's K-C Classic Prank) are prospective parents with the puppies due at the beginning of May 2016.

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